BioMini Combo

Contact/Contactless Smart Card Reader with USB Fingerprint Scanner

Suprema BioMini Combo has been designed to provide two factor authentication security solutions for authentication purposes. The scanner features Suprema’s latest slim optical sensor with large platen size for easier capturing. Smart card reader functionality and advanced Live Finger Detection technology enhances security making BioMini Combo a secure platform for developers.



Contact/Contactless Smart

Card Reader for Stronger


BioMini Combo supports contact and contactless smartcards with optional SAM slot. Combined with a fingerprint sensor, the scanner provides the capability for two factor authentication for versatile security solution applications.

Advanced Live Finger Detection

(LFD) Technology

BioMini Combo provides advanced Live Finger Detection technology by applying a machine learning method that analyzes and categorizes image patterns according to optical characteristics.

Multi-Dynamic Range Technology

BioMini Combo can acquire a fingerprint regardless of external light or fingerprint conditions, applying Suprema’s proprietary MDR technology, an improvement on existing HDR technology.  It can get normal fingerprints even under 100,000 LUX direct light, which is equivalent to direct sunlight.

FBI PIV and Mobile ID FAP20

Certified Image Quality

The Scanner features Large Platen that spans 0.71” x 1.0” (18mm x 25.4mm) wide, which is well above the FAP20 Standard that spans 0.6” x 0.8”.


Main Sensor Type Optical
  Resolution 500dpi / 256 gray
  Platen Size 18.0 x 25.4 mm (0.71” X 1.0”)
  Sensing Area 17.0 x 25.0 mm (0.67” X 0.99”)
  Image Size 320 x 480 pixels
  Compression Standards WSQ
  Template Format Suprema, ISO19794-2, ANSI-378
  Image Format ISO19794-4
Contact Card Support Contact
Smart Card Reader
ISO 7816 Class A/B/C (5V, 3.0V, 1.8V) T=0, T=1 EMV2000 contact smart card with SAM Slot(optional, max 2x SAM)
Contactless Card Support Contactless
Smart Card Reader
ISO/IEC 14443 A&B, Mifare, Felica
NFC Forum tag types (Jewel, Mifare Ultralight,
Felica, Felica lite, Mifare, DesFire)
EMV2000 Contactless Smart Card
Frequency 13.56MHz +/- 7KHz
Distance transaction: Up to 10cm
Baud: 106/212/424/848 kbit/s
Interface USB 2.0 CCID, PC/SC driver
Hardware Operating Temperature -10°C ~ 50°C
  Certification CE, FCC, KC, UL, WHQL, USB-IF, WEEE
  Dimensions 82.0 x 57.7 x 27.0 mm (W x L x H)
Compatibility Operating System Windows


PC/Network Security

Smartcard Application

Time and Attendance System

Public Application

Health and Medical






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