BioMini Slim 2

Ultra-slim FAP20 Authentication Scanner

BioMini Slim 2 is FAP20 certified fingerprint scanner featuring an array of cutting-edge technologies. Along with its 13.5mm slim optical sensor, BioMini Slim 2 features Suprema’s proprietary Multi-dynamic Range(MDR) technology, FBI PIV and Mobile ID FAP20 compliance and Android device support.


BioMini Slim 2 also provides developers more physical flexibility with its reduced form factor and the ultra-slim optical sensor ensures robust operation over time. BioMini Slim 2 provides new and advanced Live Finger Detection(LFD) technology by applying a machine learning method that analyzes and categorizes image patterns according to optical characteristics.

World’s Slimmest FAP 20 Optical Sensor

BioMini Slim 2 is the world's thinnest 13.5 mm FAP20 certified optical fingerprint scanner.


Multi Dynamic Range (MDR) Technology

BioMini Slim 2 can acquire fingerprint regardless of external light or fingerprint conditions, applying Suprema’s proprietary MDR technology, an improvement on existing HDR technology. It can get normal fingerprints even under 100,000 LUX direct light, which is equivalent to direct sunlight.


FBI PIV and FBI Mobile ID FAP20 certificates

Image compression standard: WSQ

BioMini Slim 2 is the world’s thinnest FBI PIV and FBI Mobile ID certified FAP20 optical scanner. The Scanner features Large Platen that spans 16.5mm x 21.0mm wide, which is well above the FAP20 Standard that spans 15.2mm x 20.3mm

Advanced Live Finger Detection (LFD) Technology

BioMini Slim 2 provides advanced Live Finger Detection technology that distinguishes fake fingerprints made from various materials including clay, rubber, silicon, glue, paper, film and more.

Easy Integration

- BioMini SDK for easy application development

- Android, MS Windows & Linux compatible

- Multi-threaded code design for multi-core CPU utilization

World's best performing fingerprint algorithm

- Top results in NIST MINEX tests and FVC

- NIST certified interoperable image & template format standards (ANSI-378/ISO 19794-2, ISO 19794-4)

- Fast matching speed : 100,000 match / second (with Intel Core2Duo)


Main Sensor Type Optical  
  Resolution 500dpi / 256 gray  
  Platen Size 16.5 x 21.0 mm  
  Sensing Area 15.24 x 20.32 mm  
  Image Size 300 x 400 pixels  
  Compression Standards WSQ  
  Template Format Suprema, ISO19794-2, ANSI-378  
  Image Format ISO19794-4  
  IP Rating IP65  
Interface USB 2.0 High-speed  
Hardware Operating Temperature -10°C ~ 50°C  
  Certification CE, FCC, KC, UL/CB, WHQL, IEC62471, WEEE
  Dimensions 72.8 x 40.7 x 18.5 mm (BioMini Slim 2)
59 x 32 x 13.5 mm (BM-Slim2)
Compatibility Operating System Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and Above


PC/Network Security

Smartcard Application

Time and Attendance System

Public Application

Health and Medical






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