With Suprema's CoreStation and readers, you can build a centralized system, which is a system based on access control units (ACU). Suprema's centralized system not only provides the benefits of biometrics, but it also provides enhanced security and excellent system scalability. In addition, the centralized system also enables you to upgrade your existing systems at lower installation cost. Integrated with BioStar 2, this system safely stores all information about each user including the user’s name, ID, PIN, access rights and fingerprint data by storing it on a single device. Suprema's intelligent biometric controller, CoreStation, is capable of performing fingerprint matching as well as RFID cards. It provides differentiated performance and features based on a 4-channel module that boasts superior hardware performance and scalability.


Strength in numbers

  • Performs 400,000 times of fingerprint matching within 1 second
  • Stores information about up to 500,000 users and RFID cards
  • Stores up to 5,000,000 text logs
  • Controls up to 132 Wiegand devices (DM-20 connection required)
  • Controls up to 64 RS-485 devices
  • Processes fingerprint authentication on up to 8 devices simultaneously within 1 second
CoreStation Specifications
CPU 4 GHz Quad Core
Memory 8GB Flash + 1GB RAM
Max. users 500000 (1:1)  100,000 (1:N)
Max. templates 1,000,000 (1:1)  200,000 (1:N)
Max. text logs 5,000,000
Serial communication protocol OSDP V2
Ethernet 10/100 Mbps, auto MDI/MDI-X
RS-485 5ch
Wiegand 4ch
Relay 4 relays
TTL input 8ch (Supervised input selectable)
TTL output 8ch
Aux input 2ch (AC power fail, tamper)

Elevator Control

Grants floor access rights to users and controls the floor buttons in the elevators.

High-speed Authentication

Simultaneous authentication on as many as 8 devuces can be completed within 1 second, and up to 400,000 fingerprint matching can be performed per second.

Access Control and Time & Attendance Management

Provides a wide range of access control and time & attendance management features and also supports mobile cards.

Outstanding Scalability

You can manage a compartmentalized building such as a research centre or hotel with a single CoreStation.


Compatible Devices


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