BioStar 2 TA

BioStar 2 TA is a time and attendance module that serves as an add on to the BioStar 2 platform. The BioStar 2 TA module provides comprehensive time and attendance functionalities to BioStar 2. Combined with user-convenient features such as time card calendar view and overtime rules, BioStar 2 TA simplifies complicated time and attendance management by offering flexibility for diverse applications.


Comprehensive Time and Attendance

Event Tracking

BioStar 2 TA tracks and records multiple events that may occur during a workday. Check-in’s and check-out’s are further divided into work, break, meal and leave types to assist simple payroll tracking and analysis.

Fully Customizable Pay Code

Pay codes that serve as the core element of shifts can be created as many as required. Fully customizable pay codes on different time and attendance requirements and code colour allows administrators to easily apply various T&A policies.

Convenient Overtime Rules

Overtime rules can be applied to shifts rather than pay codes to provide flexibility to overtime policy applications. The overtime rule can be applied based on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis for extended convenience.

Flexible Work Shift Support

BioStar 2 TA is intuitively designed to accommodate dynamic work hours that are different from typical workdays with fixed working hours. Thus, BioStar 2 TA supports flexible work hour configurations that track the duration of each employee's workday for dynamic work environment applications.

Time Card Calendar View

BioStar 2 TA supports time card view that provides insights into an employee’s daily work, shift name, absences and vacation in a single view for effective and efficient management.  An employee’s check-in and check our records can be easily modified on screen for simple processing of data.


BioStar 2 TA is based on a combination of elements from pay codes, shifts, schedules, schedule templates to overtime rules. The time card and report features can be used to edit or export individual time and attendance records for user’s convenience.


    Basic License Standard License
Time Attendance # of Shift Unlimited Unlimited
  # of Schedule 1 Unlimited
  # of User per Schedule 99 Unlimited
  Shift Type Fixed
Daily Flexible
Daily Flexible
  Time Card Supported Supported
  # of Leave per User Unlimited Unlimited
  Calendar View Supported Supported
  †Use of 64bit System is Recommended    

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