FBI Certified Ten-Print Enrollment Scanner

RealScan-G10 is designed to capture single and 10 fingerprints (4+4+2 and rolled prints) with leading-edge optical technology and precise image construction technique.  Reaching an incredible frame rate over 20fps, the device features extra high-speed processing with superior image quality. With its proven reliability with FBI IAFIS Appendix F certification, RealScan-G10 is the perfect ten-print capture enrollment scanner for various forensic and civil applications.


FBI IAFIS Appendix F


The certification provides assurance to users that RealScan-G10 meets or exceeds FBI interoperability standards and will work with the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Information System (IAFIS).  It ensures that the images used are high quality and support all phases of identification for fingerprint experts and the IAFIS. Appendix F has stringent image quality conditions, focusing on the human fingerprint comparison and facilitating large scale machine many-to-many matching operation.

Advanced Rolled Image Construction


RealScan-G10 features Advanced Rolled Image Construction technology using Suprema’s unique slip detection algorithm for constructing rolled fingerprint images. With ARIC technology, RealScan-G10 performs over 20 fps frame rate in roll capturing which ensures highest image quality and lower error rate in capturing sequences.

Extra Wide Platen for

Easier Capturing

Wide & solid, the RealScan-G10’s 3.5 inch platen is the largest size in its class and ensures easier capturing when placing hands. The solid & scratch-free surfaces makes it durable for many kinds of stains & damages.

Rugged IP54 Dust & Waterproof Structure

RealScan-G10’s body structure has been comprehensively sealed against invasive moisture, dust and liquid. Featuring superb IP54 rated protection through meticulous sealing, combined with extra protective engineering, ensures faultless operation even under harsh conditions.

Powerful Internal DSP

RealScan-G10 is equipped with a powerful 400MHz CPU which enables high-speed image processing in capturing, storing processing and transferring. With the CPU, Suprema's unique Image Pre-Processing technique results in more frame rates in capturing and richer pixel throughput hence produces better image quality. It also minimizes device initialization time to an incredible 0.57 second.


Main Fingerprint Type Single Rolls
Single Flats
Four Finger Slaps
Two Thumbs
  Frame Rate 20 frames per second
  Capturing Speed 4+4+2 in 15 seconds
  Resolution 500 dpi, 256 gray
  Platen Size 89 x 80 mm (3.5” x 3.15”) (W x L)
  Sensing Area 81.28 x 76.2 mm (W x L)
  Image Size Four Finger Slap: 1600 x 1500 pixels
Finger Roll: 800 x 750 pixels
  Image Quality Standards FBI IAFIS Appendix F
Interface USB 2.0 High-speed (Data & Power)
Hardware IP Rating IP54
  Speakers Built-in
  LED indicator Yes
  Operating Temperature 0°C ~ 50°C
  Operating Humidity 10 ~ 90%, non-condensing
  Dimension 152 x 152 x 127 mm (5.9” x 5.9” x 5.0”) (W x L x H)
  Weight 1.8kgs (3.96lbs)
  Certification WHQL, CE, FCC, UL, KCC, IP54
Compatibility Operating System Windows


Civil Identification

    Driver’s license, voter registration

    Social welfare, banking

    National Population register (NPR)


Criminal Identification


    Law enforcement, national police agencies

    Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems (CCTNS)


Background Check

    Employment background checks

    Pre-employment screening


Airport & Border Check

    IDENT (USA, Japan)

    Enrollment & matching for foreign travelers


e-Passport & Visa

    e-Passport issuance

    e-Visa program


National ID Cards

    Smart ID cards

    Enrollment 1:1, 1:N matching

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