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Suprema launches BioLite N2 - Outdoor Biometric Access Control and Time Attendance


Suprema recently announced the global launch of BioLite N2, a mullion-type access control and time attendance terminal featuring the world’s most advanced fingerprint technology and a rugged IP67 weather-proof structure.

BioLite N2 perfectly blends Suprema's industry-leading technologies and innovative features, bringing to you a biometric reader that is suited to enterprise access control systems and time attendance applications. With its powerful 1.2GHz CPU and a massive 4GB memory, BioLite N2 achieves an incredible matching speed of up to 20,000 matches per second and accommodates up to 10,000 users - providing instant matching results with minimal lag time.

For reliable operation under extreme conditions such as outdoor installation and harsh climate, BioLite N2 features a rugged IP67 structure with a class-leading operating temperature range between -20°C~50°C. The device also features an illuminated keypad and high-contrast GUI for better visibility under various lighting conditions.

In addition, BioLite N2 provides exceptional performance and accuracy for dry finger skins, which often become problematic in the winter season when humidity drops. With Suprema’s recent advancements in image processing and sensor technology, the company’s current 2nd generation fingerprint terminals yield up to 5 times better accuracy over dry skins (or under cold weather) than its competitors in terms of FRR (false rejection rate).

“The new BioLite N2 is designed to provide the best reliable fingerprint matching performance over dynamic environments such as outdoor installation and extreme weather conditions. In common with Suprema’s other 2nd generation fingerprint IP readers, BioLite N2 provides up to 200% faster matching speed than its predecessor, which easily far outperforms competing products,” said HC Kim, Director of Global Business at Suprema.

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